What’s a Maverick

Today is a big day!

Yes today is a big day because today I’m not ashamed to say it, to talk about my past.
I am proud of having lived so much and survived with the force and courage of my heart and legendary stubbornness.

Yes that’s what being a maverick is. It is not: smoking, drinking, having tattoos, piercings, playing hardrock, and riding motorbikes. I am not saying that if you do those things you aren’t one, what I’m saying is that those are just the traits of a Hollywood stereotype, taken out of a socio-historical context, in an era where those things actually symbolized acts of rebellion against a society that wasn’t so accepting. Today, if having a tatoo is deemed cute and sexy, you are not making a point, it’s fashionable. Nothing wrong with that so far.
But if you do those things just to be cool, then you’re not, you’re at best the shadow of a maverick, a walking caricature.

No, to be a maverick is to swim against the current, to not follow the mass, and so if everyone around you smokes, to be a maverick is to not smoke, and if everyone loves rock, it’s to turn yourself to something else, that is the essence of a maverick, it’s to do the contrary of what is expected of you just to contradict destiny, rebel and free yourself from the rails that others follow in their daily routine, draw your own path, and if they don’t like it it’s even better, because the maverick loves a difficult life, otherwise he’s bored stiff.

Yes what makes you a maverick is to go through the troubles, and snickers, and contempt that life throws at you, and still be standing and walking. I will give a new face to being a rebel. I will redefine cool. I am badass and cool precisely because I’m not, I don’t do like everyone around me, I don’t do what they want from me to honor me with that title, because the true maverick doesn’t need approval !


One thought on “What’s a Maverick

  1. Yeah! Very well said!

    As Nietzsche said in 1887-88: “What does not kill me makes me stronger”.

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